One of my favorite Kanye’s songs is Stronger! For some reason I also like “Gold Digger” but that is a story for another day.  The past week has been interesting.  I can’t divulge much but things have happened that have really tested me.  Just when you think this is it, the rug is pulled from … More Stronger


Once upon a time, I thought I was strong. I thought I could drink unfiltered water and be fine. Please remember, that I did live in Kenya. Where everybody told me that it is dangerous to drink water straight from the tap. But what did I care? what was there to fear? I had been … More Filter


I am Devastated at some of the things coming out of the White House this week. It even has a name #alternativefacts But you know what, the President is fulfilling what he promised, he is staying true to his base and his word and elections have consequences.


It is a little frustrating when someone makes a big error that affects your life in some way and all they say is, it was a little oversight.  Are they serious?  A little?  I feel like it is an apology that is not an apology.  Why don’t they just say they made a mistake and … More Oversight


How do you define success? Is success the same for everyone? Is success different for different people? Are you successful? When you fail at something, are you successful? Does failure lead to success? Will you ever know if you are successful if you do not fail? Wishing you success!!


I asked my 11 year old if I could see her cell phone and what was in it and she told me not to invade her privacy!  Really?  I told her that as long as I was paying for that phone, I can look at it any time I want.  That got me thinking, at … More Privacy