hope you all got gifts that you really wanted or needed for Christmas, I know that Rehema did receive gifts that she really wanted,  we can tell by how much time she is spending playing with them.  Gift giving and receiving really brings to mind how I have changed?? in the past 4 years. the way it is done where I come from, when someone gives you a gift, you do not open it in front of them.  you keep and will open it after they have gone so that if you do not like it, no one will ever know and also so that you do not have to lie? and say ‘just what I wanted!?’  it is basically to prevent a lot of embarrassment.  it is funny when I went home and gave someone a gift and I was just waiting for her to open it so that I could see her reaction and of course she went and put it under lock and key and I found myself wondering why, and I remembered that just a few years ago, I would do the same thing. by the way, stores do not allow returns or exchanges, your receipt is clearly marked or printed, ‘goods once bought cannot be returned or exchanged’ yes, you are stuck with it.