Education Expo

I went for the education expo last Saturday to look for a preschool for Rehema and I am so glad that I found one that looks good.  We love the one that she is going to currently but it is not listed as an educational institution by the State of TN, it is more of a daycare and if I am going to pay all that pesa I’d rather she be going to a preschool.   the cost of this new one is relatively the same as the one she is in right now. I hope she gets to go there, we are  going to do the tour this week.  Too bad her class does not  get to wear school uniform.  I love school uniforms, I wore school uniform when I was in primary and high school.  the only disadvantage was that some kids could not come to school because their parents could not afford to buy the uniforms.  In high school, they were so strict, they checked our uniforms which were A-shaped skirts and white blouses.  Some girls had modified their skirts so that they could be straight and the teachers wanted none of that.  if the teacher noticed, she had you undo those stitches and restore your skirt to it’s original A-shape. 


100_1431.jpgI needed to see a dentist and my dentist’s office is kinda far.  So I decided to call one of the many dentist’s office’s that I see on my way to work.  They were so nice and I got myself an appointment. I went there twice and paid some money.  When my Explanation of Benefits (EOB) came, I realised that I had overpaid. So, I called the dentist office and they told me that they have not received the EOB.  Well, I explained my situation and they told me that once they receive my EOB, they will cut me a check.   One week later, my husband went to see them (they were perfectly aware that he was my husband),  I asked him to ask them use my balance to pay for his appointment.  They said no, they will not do that because it is going to confuse them, but they wrote out a receipt to me??? after he paid.  I called them the next day, to ask them where my check was, they answered, that they thought I said that they should apply that money to my next visit.  okay…I  asked them to please send me my check.  it is two weeks later, and I am still waiting for my check…they sent it in today 🙂 I am going back to my original dentist.

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here it goes:

i went to boarding school when I was 9 years old until I completed high school                      

i have watched all the rocky movies and I am going to see Rock Balcoa too.  I used to stay up all night watching movies.

i love cooking, at one point I thought about starting a catering business. I religiously study cooking books,  i try out recipes that i find on packaging, i watch cooking programs and if I think I like the recipe, I will try it out. oh! it is sooo goood

i had a business to pay for some of my expenses when I was in college yep, my friend and I actually sold clothes…then when I went to graduate school i had a typing business to help pay for room and board, i had to turn clients away because I was swamped.  I doing a market analysis, i am thinking of starting another business soon. (no, I am not selling clothes or typing papers or cooking ) )

I love country music…who can resist…George Strait’s…it just comes natural