Education Expo

I went for the education expo last Saturday to look for a preschool for Rehema and I am so glad that I found one that looks good.  We love the one that she is going to currently but it is not listed as an educational institution by the State of TN, it is more of … More Education Expo


thank you Ms DJ for playing my song…aka…Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!


I needed to see a dentist and my dentist’s office is kinda far.  So I decided to call one of the many dentist’s office’s that I see on my way to work.  They were so nice and I got myself an appointment. I went there twice and paid some money.  When my Explanation of Benefits … More dentist


I am so excited, I finally got my birthday (1 January) present from Sila and Rehema, an ipod.  I have been wanting an ipod for the longest time and now I have it and is enjoying it to the fullest.  I am so grateful, makes my days go faster. 🙂

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here it goes: i went to boarding school when I was 9 years old until I completed high school                       i have watched all the rocky movies and I am going to see Rock Balcoa too.  I used to stay up all night watching movies. i love cooking, at one point I thought about starting a … More tags for stelmodad