here it goes:

i went to boarding school when I was 9 years old until I completed high school                      

i have watched all the rocky movies and I am going to see Rock Balcoa too.  I used to stay up all night watching movies.

i love cooking, at one point I thought about starting a catering business. I religiously study cooking books,  i try out recipes that i find on packaging, i watch cooking programs and if I think I like the recipe, I will try it out. oh! it is sooo goood

i had a business to pay for some of my expenses when I was in college yep, my friend and I actually sold clothes…then when I went to graduate school i had a typing business to help pay for room and board, i had to turn clients away because I was swamped.  I doing a market analysis, i am thinking of starting another business soon. (no, I am not selling clothes or typing papers or cooking ) )

I love country music…who can resist…George Strait’s…it just comes natural

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  1. Had the pleasure of seeing your family again through your flickr posts here on the site. That trip we took to see you the first time was one of the better investments we ever made – good memories that will last.


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