stories from my heart

I went out shopping for a non-stick skillet(s) since the one I have it soon becoming non-stick.   I ended up with a set from Sams.  It reminded me of when we got married about 6.5 years ago, I inherited a non-stick skillet.  They were pretty foreign at that time and also expensive.  One of my relatives came for a sleep over and he/she had never seen a non-stick skillet.  So, we left the relative at our house for the day when we  came back, relative had done many good things like clean the house and wash the dishes. Relative also did an amazing thing, relative was shocked and suprised at how filthy our non-stick skillet was and decided to scrub it clean.  When I saw it, I had no words!  (granted, it was already peeling, but now it was shining :)) I said nothing.  My brother inherited the skillet because it could still be used as an iron skillet, and when we went visiting in November,  my relative came to apologize for ruining our non-stick skillet, because my brother had told the relative what the relative had done 🙂