At this time tomorrow (Feb 1st), God willing, Rehema’s brother will be here!  It seems unreal.  I went in for my last ultrasound today and 39th week check up and the ultrasound tech informed us that the amniotic fluid was too low but the baby was looking fine.  So the doctor came and told me to go … More Baby!!


I have been reading about boundaries last week, the week before someone asked me something and I did not want to disappoint and so I was having a hard time saying no.  Why was I scared of saying no? Because I did not want to hurt this person’s feelings.  Then someone else told me, that … More Boundaries


I have been a member of the Sports Barn for 4 years and I loved it, it also helps that my employer pays for this membership in that every quarter we are given a certain amount of cash to help pay for it…but since things are getting tight, talk of a recession, baby on the … More Gym


I had a dream last night which came true this morning, I cannot believe it!!  Thursday I will be 38 weeks, I cannot believe it.  We get to do the last ultra sound and so I guess we will be able to get a more clearer view of the baby.  It is funny those first … More update