I had a dream last night which came true this morning, I cannot believe it!! 

Thursday I will be 38 weeks, I cannot believe it.  We get to do the last ultra sound and so I guess we will be able to get a more clearer view of the baby.  It is funny those first weeks when you get an ultra sound and the technician or doctor is telling you, ‘there is the hand’ or ‘there is the nose’ and you are just sort of agreeing but obviously you cannot tell what you are looking at but you just go along. 

I have been sleeping well surprisingly, getting up only once to go to the bathroom.  I do not drink any water after 6 pm and that has helped.  My bag is packed and I am hoping I will not have to wait for more than 3 weeks.

My good friend from Kenya is coming over to visit next month.  I am so excited.  It is next to impossible and also expensive for many Kenyans to get a visitor’s visa to the US and we are so thankful to God that she got it.  The visa interview is not a fun experience, I have been there before.

Have a nice week!

3 thoughts on “update

  1. Sara says:

    I’m so excited for you. I can’t believe the time is almost here! We will be praying for a safe delivery. I look forward to meeting your new little man.


  2. Hang in there – you are almost there! I know how hard these last few days or weeks can be, just waiting for that little one to make his appearance! So I will be praying for you! Can’t wait to meet him!


  3. Thanks Sara and Laini. I cannot believe I am almost there and this is all new territory for me!! We went to see stelmodad’s Jacob and Rehema was scared of him, I hope she will not be scared of her brother.


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