baby-shower-cake.jpgAt this time tomorrow (Feb 1st), God willing, Rehema’s brother will be here!  It seems unreal.  I went in for my last ultrasound today and 39th week check up and the ultrasound tech informed us that the amniotic fluid was too low but the baby was looking fine.  So the doctor came and told me to go home and pack my bag and check in tomorrow early morning. I guess I will not have a story to tell, but kinda makes it easier for us with Rehema, I had plan A, B and C for her.   Please pray that it all goes well.  When I went in last week, the doctor told me that she will be away this week and that her partner would be filling in for her, and I had a feeling that she was going to miss the birth.   Well, I better go and finish packing 🙂

6 thoughts on “Baby!!

  1. Just noticed your blog, and I am praying for you. Good luck tomorrow! It will be a beautiful day.


  2. Hey Grace,
    Can you believe God laid it on my heart to pray for a safe delivery on the 1st? This was before I saw your email. I’m praying for a safe delivery and good health for both of you.


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