dsc01333.jpgHenry is two weeks old today!!  I took him in for a weight check and he is back to his birth weight and a few ounces over.  I was very happy to hear that since the doctor had told me for babies who are nursing, they usually take 2 to 3 weeks to be back to their birth weight.  He is pretty laid back, and he even lets me sleep a little longer at night, like 4 hours 🙂 and for that I am so very grateful.  But I must say I had forgotten how hard it was to wake up at night.   Rehema is my little helper.  She wants to carry him and clean him when he spits, and the other night she was ‘reading’ to him and that was very sweet.   I think she has now accepted him.  Yesterday I saw the UPS van stop outside our house and I was wondering, what that could be!  It turned out to be a huge box of diapers from my boss!! I have to say, it made a great Valentine surprise.

3 thoughts on “2 weeks!

  1. Hey Gracie,
    congratulations on your new baby!!! You ae now a mother of 2- wow…who could imagine we would get to this point in our lives. God is great!!! You are looking well…nice and chubby and not a day older than when I last saw you some 14 or so years ago.
    cheers and God bless.


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