dsc01360.jpgHenry is 3 weeks old, I have mixed feelings about all this, I want him to grow but at the same time, I do not want my maternity leave to end.  I can tell he is growing, he is eating more and sleeping less. My friend, Jessica, is here to visit.  It is really awesome to have her here, for many selfish reasons.  There is another adult to talk to, there is someone for Rehema to talk her ears off, someone to help me.period. and our house has never looked so neat 🙂  plus she cooks awesome chapatis. I am so glad and very thankful that she chose to come visit with us.

Next week is one of my favorite consignment sales.  I had a consignors pass and went to shop saturday and there was plenty of stuff to buy, the only catch was that I was in line to pay for a full hour.