I am hooked to redbox, it costs a dollar a day to rent a DVD, though it is kinda hard to return the DVD the next day…all the same, I am still hooked. Tuesday, I decided it was time to get up, stop being lazy and go to the gym.  I went to the BX and I … More Redbox


I took Rehema for a birthday party at the Chattanooga zoo on saturday morning, unfortunately it rained and so she was not able to see all the animals.  I guess we have to go back soon when it is not raining.  She had some fun though. I am so glad that finally Rehema is realizing that … More update


We took Henry for his one month visit at six weeks and the doctor said that he is doing well.  He weighed in at 10 pounds and 11 oz and he is now 23 inches tall, I think that he is going to be taller than Rehema :-).  He is averaging 5 hours sleep at night and … More Update

Fairy Tale Ball

Later this month, Rehema’s school is having a fairy tale ball and we (Rehema and I) are supposed to go dressed as a favorite fairy tale or nursery rhyme character.    I am sure it is going to be colorful and fun.  We have not decided what we should dress/go as.   I have been scheming through her … More Fairy Tale Ball

one month!!

You know you need sleep when you start sending blank thank you cards to people.  Last week I was trying to get out all my baby announcements and thank you cards in the mail, and today in church, one of the ladies told me that I sent her a blank thank you card :-).  Well, there … More one month!!