Cheap Ice Cream!

If you did not get your fix of ice cream on Tuesday at Ben and Jerrys, Baskin Robbins is having a 31 cents scoop ice cream night (5 to 10 pm) on April 30th.  and it is all for a good cause


There is just something so sweet, peaceful about a baby sleeping. 1. they look so cute 2. it is quiet 3. you can get a lot done (when you are done watching them sleep) 4. it is good for them and you 5.they have a peaceful look on their face 6. they look so cute … More peaceful


I am in a dilemma, two in one…a U.S. government report released last week said that  there is “some concern” about BPA stemming from experiments on rats. Researchers linked the chemical to neurological and behavioral problems along with some cancers.  okay.  ALL  my baby bottles are NOT BPA free.  It is recommended that you buy BPA free bottles which … More Dilemma

Better or Worse?

Henry is a better sleeper (at night) than Rehema at all fronts. You just need to put him in bed when he is drowsy and he will sleep for 6 to 9 hours depending on how the day went for him. The day part is my problem. He is now staying awake more during the … More Better or Worse?

Noah’s Little Ark

It seems like the kids in Rehema’s class have their birthdays between February and April.  We have taken Rehema to some of the birthday parties and they have been so much fun for her.  The last one was interesting, the invitation said come party with the animals, but the address did not lead you to the zoo. … More Noah’s Little Ark