Just Between Friends

I have finally gotten my life days right, for some reason I was one day behind.  Last night, I was shocked at the elimination and Ryan was totally mean last night.  Having said that, I hope David Cook wins this season, I need to start voting for him.  I have just taken some stuff to sell at the JBF consignment sale and as you put your stuff, you can look around.  There is tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of stuff on sale.   I looked around and saw what people are selling and for how much, and came back home and grabbed more things and took them there to sell.   I stopped by Walmart after the first drop off because my new passtime is now baking, and I wanted to buy another loaf pan.  I bought one, then after the second drop off, I stopped by food lion because I needed more supplies that no one knew where to find in Walmart, and they have a sale on the baking ware, so I bought another loaf pan and I am returning the walmart one.

I was trying to take Henry his 2.5 months pictures and he would smile but everytime the flash went off, he would have a very concerned face.  I cannot believe how big he is getting.

 Have a good weekend…





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