In my old life, I used to work for a mission organization.  Half the organization consisted of  missionaries and they always talked about back home mostly the U.S., they baked their own bread.   I wondered why someone would use all that time and energy and time baking bread, when bread was only (at that time) Ksh 25 in Kenya (equivalent of about $.50)  Then we moved here, and not only was bread pricey, but the taste took a lot of getting used to and also most store bought bread have other stuff that you do not want in it.  Now I understand why they baked their own bread.  I have been trying to avoid buying bread and making different stuff for breakfast and so yesterday I decided to make Whole Wheat Bread.  This bread is so simple to make, soo tasty and so wholesome!!  I did not add the oats and used honey instead of mollasses.

 try it!  you’ll love it.



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