consignment sale vs yard sale?

I got my check in the mail from the All About Kids consignment sale.   This is how it works, you tag and take your stuff to them, they sell it for you, keep 30% of what you make, and deduct $5 for advertising costs. I sold almost 3/4 of what I put in there which was basically girls and maternity clothes so I was glad that I sold it. But I wonder, which one brings in more money? Having a yard sale and sitting in our almost no traffic street, waiting and hoping that someone will pass by and buy, and of course, you have to price them for less. I guess a yard sale all depends on where you live. For me, I think the consignment sale works better, and of course, if you do not sell, you can always give away your stuff.  Goodys is giving a 30% off coupon for every gently used clothing you donate through them for charity.  You can only get 3 coupons per visit.  I think it is a great idea, so, maybe it is time to get rid of those items that have been in your closet forever.


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  1. I agree that consignment is better than a yard sale. And I’d go further and say that a regular consignment store is better than a large weekend consignment sale. The advantage of being able to prep your items a bit at a time and drop them off is a whole lot less work that prepping and tagging hundreds of items to transport in one day to a weekend sale. In a regular consignment store THEY tag the items for you, and they might often get more for you per item than you think your item is worth…sort of the “boutique store” mentality versus the “yard sale mentality” of pricing. Plus you get 60 days (or more) of exposure for your items instead of just one weekend! And you have an expert handling your items, pricing them, displaying them, and selling them to an established clientele that already know and love the shop.

    Congrats on a good outcome of the weekend sale. But also consider finding a quality consignment store in your area to sell through for the rest of the year. You can check out for a comprehensive list for every state.

    Also, feel free to visit my blog where I expound on all things consignment and resale at

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