I am in a dilemma, two in one…a U.S. government report released last week said that  there is “some concern” about BPA stemming from experiments on rats. Researchers linked the chemical to neurological and behavioral problems along with some cancers.  okay.  ALL  my baby bottles are NOT BPA free.  It is recommended that you buy BPA free bottles which are more expensive…should I throw away all my bottles?  Henry will soon need to be using bottles to take his breast milk since I am almost returning to work.  It is as if he heard about BPA.  He will not drink milk from the bottle.  At first I thought he did not like formula, but he refused the breast milk too.   He does not want anything to do with a bottle…I am in a big dilemma.  I guess I am going to dump my bottles for these.

Did you get your free reusable bag from Walmart?  I have been using my basket that my grandma gave me, hope you are having a nice earth day and you are going to try and do one thing that is earth friendly. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. in my mind “some concern” with rodents doesnt motivate me to throw out a big set very expensive bottles and replace them with yet more expensive stuff. there’s plenty of other things for me to worry about and spend money on.


  2. I’m of the opposite of BobW (which doesn’t help you, I know) because the findings of problems with brain development and reproductive hormones is a concern for me. I did throw away our BPA plastic stuff (including my precious CamelBak water bottle). And since there is so much plastic our kids come in contact with since birth (not just bottles and nipples, think teethers, pacifiers, bath toys, etc) it makes kids more at risk to develop problems stemming from this chemical.

    The website Z Recommends has a great report on BPA and what products/ companies are BPA free.



  3. I actually had already gone to the Z website, and that is why I think I am just going to buy one the bottles she recommends, but I feel so bad throwing away my Avent bottles. the funny thing though is that I am already storing breastmilk in the Avent plastic containers, so I guess the milk already has BPA…I do not know which way to go, I think spending less than 20 bucks on bottles is worth more than letting my child have problems later in life


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