BPA free at last?

I have been staying indoors all week saving my gas for today, wanted to go and see what is out there tax free that I might ‘need’, after all, we get our checks next week, so I think I have some money to spend. I decided to look and see if I could find any BPA free bottles and then I would decide if I was to buy. Target did not have any…well, they had some Medela ones, but they are too small and will not help me. and Walmart, because they are Walmart and they can make it happen, they had BPA free Parents Choice brand, 2.96 for 3 bottles. so I got them for Henry, hope he likes them and I hope they do not leak. every time something new comes up, I wonder how I grew up with all this bad stuff for you now and survived? seriously, I grew up where no one really cared about all this stuff. is it the fear, that makes us sick? is it all in the mind?  I am just wondering…

5 thoughts on “BPA free at last?

  1. It does seem like people freak out more these days. Is knowledge really power? LOL
    I threw out 2 water bottles with bpa but reading your blog was the first I had read about it.
    In other news, is your picture at the top some more of your yummy baked goods? I for one would like to see more recipes if you were willing to post them. 🙂


  2. erin johnston says:

    there is another brand of bpa bottles as well…they are called adiri. they are pricey, but they are shaped like a breast…very cool bottles. my sis n law got some for her shower. we’ll see how they work for her! i’ll let you know. i’m all concerned about the bottle thing now……still deciding what to do. i’m with you about thinking about things too much…..i grew up on all this “bad” stuff and so far, i’m okay. how much do we need to freak out?? i enjoy your blog…maybe one day we will meet!! haha!


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