I do like changing my header depending on what is happening in our home.  Of late, I am into trying new recipes, especially breakfast and snack recipes.  My latest recipe to try was baked donuts.  Yeah,  not deep fried but baked,  you feel no guilt eating them. So, the picture  I have in my header are the baked donuts.  They obviously do not look like the pics in the blog where I got the recipe, but they do taste good.  I do not have a donut or cookie cutter, so I was using drinking glasses to cut out the donuts, and it was becoming too much work so I decided, who said that donuts have to have donut holes, so I decided just to make the rest look like rolls.  After baking them, you are to toss them in melted butter and cinammon sugar, I think the next time I make them, I am leaving them plain and spreading strawberry jam on them instead.  Enjoy! Just in case you missed it, here is the recipe again.   Bake, make, do, indulge in, read or try something good for yourself this weekend 🙂

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