Great Bargain…Books Sale

The library downtown is having a books sale (Friday to Sunday). I went and picked many books for the kids and also a few for myself. You fill a brown bag like this one for only $5 dollars. I think I got myself a good bargain and Rehema will be busy for a long while.

My neighbor!

I think our neighbor and I are having a silent war. I hope he gets to read this. first, it was the dog, that dog would not let me get out of my own house, so, he secured it. but this was after we (the dog and I)had a screaming incident. now it is his … More My neighbor!

Memorial Day Tribute

This memorial day I am taking some time remember Racheal Hugo who died in Iraq last year after her Army reserve unit was attacked by insurgents.  I went to both Basic and AIT with Racheal.  She was one of the best medics and was always there to take care of her unit. May the peace … More Memorial Day Tribute

1st Book

Henry’s 1st book from the Dolly Parton’s Imagination library came in the mail last week.  I hope that he will be excited about reading books like his sister is.

this week…

This week has been a week and a half.  Monday, Henry began daycare, that went okay. Wed to Fri, I had to go to the unit to make up the days I missed while I  was on maternity leave.  I found orders waiting for me to go for a one week boot camp.  Everyone who … More this week…