HenryHenry is three months today and I am so grateful to the Lord for many things.  He has been healthy and so much fun to take hang out with.  When I was expecting Henry, we were told that he had a 25% chance of being born sick.  I was also at that age where they send you to the genetist who gives you all this information of chances your child has of having this and this disease/condition because of my age.  basically it was a double whamy.   We decided not to take the amniocentesis test,  just because it also has a minimal risk factor.    The hardest part was waiting for the newborn screening results.  the way it works is, no news is good news! The postmaster was not my buddy during that time. We did not hear anything and when we went for his 2 months appointment, the doc said that his results came back all negative.  We do praise the Lord.

Henry is cooperating and taking the bottle.  I read that you should offer him the bottle when he is not very hungry and he is not crying and that is what I tried and it worked.  Looks like he will not be starving.  Talking of starving, I went to buy rice at Sam’s, and they do not have rice.  We like to buy Basmati and at times we buy Jasmine rice too, and the other places Asian stores, that we buy rice from are selling it for double the price.   They told us that Rice has become so expensive. I guess we have to start eating less rice and more pasta and chapatis. 
Happy month of May!!