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Today is free family night at CDM.  I usually take advantage of these and take Rehema to them, I had at one time considered getting a membership but then I ended up with several coupons and the free family nights are monthly, I decided not to get one.  We have been to the zoo and the aquarium and i am thinking of getting a membership to one of those.  I am leaning towards the aquarium, we went to the Ripleys aquarium and we all loved it.   Of course it helped that we only paid $4 per adult and Rehema was free because of the military discount. Which is your favorite place to take your kids?


3 thoughts on “Creative Discovery Museum

  1. We have memberships to both the CDM and the Aquarium. The CDM membership we have is national so it lets us into other museums near my parents and other travels we take.

    Of the two (CDM and Aquarium) Fuller prefers the CDM. He gets much more activity out of it. When we have visitors though, we prefer to go to the aquarium since all ages can really get something out of it.


  2. Well, we have a membership to the aquarium, so if you get one there you could go with us! As Alli said, the Aquarium is nicer to have when people come to visit. My kids love seeing the fish and the nice thing about it (compared to the zoo) is that it is inside so it is somewhere we could go on a rainy or cold (or really hot) day. They like the Creative Discovery Museum as well, but sometimes it is so crowded and chaotic there it gives ME a headache! 🙂 It is just harder for me to watch them there by myself.


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