Baby #18!

The Duggar family is having another baby…baby #18 and they are debt free. WOW!


3 thoughts on “Baby #18!

  1. I love that show!! They are amazing, although I’d like to see an episode where a kid has a fit just so I can know that they are normal. LOL They have a principle in their house called “joy”- Jesus first, Others next and Yourself last. I say it to Lizzie all the time now. We’ll see if it can take root!


  2. They seem so perfect!! it truly is amazing. I was reading the automated links that wordpress has been adding to posts, and it seems many people think they should not be allowed to have that many kids, one blogger was suggesting that she should be sterilized and it should be illegal to have a certain number of kids. I personally think it should be up to the couple to have as many or as few kids as they want, and this family seems to be able to take care of their kids, please, they are debt free.


  3. My co-worker and I were talking about this family earlier today. They seem like a wonderful family. But as a woman with no children I have no idea how they handle it! I would struggle with just one. 🙂

    P.S. I’ve signed you up for Fun Monday on my blog. I’m so glad you are joining us!

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