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This week has been a week and a half.  Monday, Henry began daycare, that went okay. Wed to Fri, I had to go to the unit to make up the days I missed while I  was on maternity leave.  I found orders waiting for me to go for a one week boot camp.  Everyone who either failed the physical fitness test or did not show up to do the test (like me) has been summoned to a one week boot camp.  Personally I do not see how one week is going to make a difference, maybe you will now be able to do 2 more sit ups or might run faster by 30 seconds, well, I am looking forward to it.  I made my NCO blush when I asked her for a room to pump milk.  Thursday, Rehema’s preschool had graduation for the older kids and they sang during the ceremony, it was so much fun.  The kids were looking so good in their graduation gowns.  I did not get very good shots (sorry!) but Sila got a good video of the whole program.  Well, I have been training for the mystery mile, I did it last year and was so looking forward to doing it this year again.  then my baby sitter called me last minute and told me found a more attractive employer.  this employer was going to give her more hours,  and so she offered that I bring the kids to her so that she can look after them with the other million kids she was going to look after, still pay her the same monies. yep, I didn’t feel comfortable with that. so I decided just to still go and do the mystery part with Rehema and Henry. This is “A fun event for families and individuals, the Mystery History Quest, sponsored by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, is a historical “scavenger hunt” around the downtown area near the Tennessee Aquarium. Being a part of the Mystery History Quest is a great way to learn more about the rich history of Chattanooga and be active at the same time.  We were doing so well until we reached clue #5 I think, which required us to go over Veteran’s bridge and it was not closed to traffic, I thought that was an accident waiting to happen since I had the two kids to mind, so, we ended it there and went back.   Had some well desereved ice cream, I bet we are all going to have a good night’s sleep because of all that walking.

Have a good week!



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