Fun Monday – Vacations!!!

Funmondaylogo Today’s Fun Monday is being hosted by Allison. She says…Vacations…this is the time of year when most of us go on vacations. Show us and/or tell us about your favorite vacation – where you went, what you did, etc. Pictures would be great. Let’s all take a trip around a the world via our FM friends!!

Wow, I love vacations, my favorite place to go is home, Kenya!!!! in Africa. The last time we were there was in 2006, we went basically to see our family and also to take Rehema to meet her relatives. thus my pictures are kinda old.  We are planning to take Henry there soon so that everybody can get to meet him. It is quite very very pricey to fly there but it is worth every single dime dollar.   I love it because it is home, we get to see family (absence does make the hearts grow fonder), it puts a lot of things into perspective.  Most of the pictures we took were of family so I do not have them here, but I included my animal pictures are from an earlier vacation, and some Rehema pictures.
Elephants family taking a mud bath

Lunch time for the giraffes

This rhino is special. It guarded 24 hours and it is tame. We got to touch it.

Rehema feeding grandma’s chickens

Rehema playing with her new friend


Tea plantations (Kenya exports lots of tea)

Housing for the people who work in the tea plantations

  I hope you enjoyed the little of Kenya I shared with you, safe travels to your next destination.



18 thoughts on “Fun Monday – Vacations!!!

  1. thank you for sharing your beautiful homeland with us. I would love to go there some day!! Your children are beautiful, I love the picture of your son in the post below….he is adorable!!

    Thanks for playing this week.


  2. I am envious! What a beautiful place to visit! I agree with Alison your babies are just precious! I also hope your little boy enjoys his books, reading is such a wonderful gift! I enjoyed reading your collections also, I missed it last week. Love the idea of storing your milk what a great mama you are!


  3. What a glorious trip for us all here at Fun Monday…You certainly did a great job sharing with us. Thank you!!!!

    Take a few trips around the states and into Old Mexico with me if you can find time. My photos and stories are shared!! Happy Monday to you.


  4. We truly are getting to see places around the world on this Fun Monday! It’s wonderful that you get to go home on occasion!


  5. I enjoyed and LOVED what you shared! Seeing that little baby elephant just about melted my heart. So cute. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos. I will certainly have more of an appreciation next time I drink my tea :o)


  6. The photos of the children and wildlife are beautiful. I especially like the giraffe a favorite animal for me. The long necks have always created fascination for me. Thanks for sharing a bit of your home to us.


  7. My eldest daughter has in her heart the desire to see the animals of central Africa. I think I would too, if I could go with someone (like you) who knows the language and the places to visit.

    One of my best friends lived in Zaire for many years… and her daughter was in Kenya last fall and winter — but got sick and came home. Fortunately that was just before the election crisis. Sure hope that is settled and your family was not in harms way?


  8. I’ve been to Kenya too…I was a UN volunteer then…your photos flashed so many memories…my trip there made significant changes in my life right now…thanks so much for sharing the photos!

    Have a nice week!


  9. So glad to get a glimpse into your trip back to visit family in Kenya. I’m sure you can hardly wait to go back again. Hopefully, you will be able to go before long so your children can reconnect with family.


  10. I did enjoy the trip to Kenya. This Fun Monday has been especially fun visiting places around the world. Thanks for the tour.


  11. My dad is/was a professional photographer and had the opportunity to visit South Africa back in the late 70’s for a photo shoot for a magazine. He was able to go to Kruger National Park. He has some fabulous safari photos.

    I agree with everyone else: your kids are absolutely precious!


  12. stelmodad says:

    We’ll have to plan for that. Is there a Kenya plane ticket lottery I can start buying entries in?


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