My neighbor!

I think our neighbor and I are having a silent war. I hope he gets to read this. first, it was the dog, that dog would not let me get out of my own house, so, he secured it. but this was after we (the dog and I)had a screaming incident. now it is his car, he has parked their two cars in a way that I have to park at the entrance to our driveway, or else, I will not be able to enter my car, or I will not be able to open the door wide enough to put Henry’s car seat in it or if I am not careful, my side mirror will go. I am so tempted to go and take a picture of both driveways and where his cars are so that you can see, but I am going to let that pass. If I park where I am supposed to park, I am the one that looses.
I washed my ipod, now it is not working. I left it in my ACU uniform and after it went through the wash, I saw the ear phones hanging out of the pocket. I am really going to miss it. It is cheaper to buy a new one than get it repaired so I guess I will just save for a new one.
This is my last week of Maternity leave…I cannot believe that I have been at home for 4 good months. My boss e-mailed me and told me I have a new boss, so that is going to be interesting. The good part is that the new boss is actually the one who hired me, my current boss had not been hired then.
Have a good end of the week!!! We get to go to a wedding this weekend, I am looking forward to that.