this week…

This week has been a week and a half.  Monday, Henry began daycare, that went okay. Wed to Fri, I had to go to the unit to make up the days I missed while I  was on maternity leave.  I found orders waiting for me to go for a one week boot camp.  Everyone who either failed the physical fitness test or did not show up to do the test (like me) has been summoned to a one week boot camp.  Personally I do not see how one week is going to make a difference, maybe you will now be able to do 2 more sit ups or might run faster by 30 seconds, well, I am looking forward to it.  I made my NCO blush when I asked her for a room to pump milk.  Thursday, Rehema’s preschool had graduation for the older kids and they sang during the ceremony, it was so much fun.  The kids were looking so good in their graduation gowns.  I did not get very good shots (sorry!) but Sila got a good video of the whole program.  Well, I have been training for the mystery mile, I did it last year and was so looking forward to doing it this year again.  then my baby sitter called me last minute and told me found a more attractive employer.  this employer was going to give her more hours,  and so she offered that I bring the kids to her so that she can look after them with the other million kids she was going to look after, still pay her the same monies. yep, I didn’t feel comfortable with that. so I decided just to still go and do the mystery part with Rehema and Henry. This is “A fun event for families and individuals, the Mystery History Quest, sponsored by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, is a historical “scavenger hunt” around the downtown area near the Tennessee Aquarium. Being a part of the Mystery History Quest is a great way to learn more about the rich history of Chattanooga and be active at the same time.  We were doing so well until we reached clue #5 I think, which required us to go over Veteran’s bridge and it was not closed to traffic, I thought that was an accident waiting to happen since I had the two kids to mind, so, we ended it there and went back.   Had some well desereved ice cream, I bet we are all going to have a good night’s sleep because of all that walking.

Have a good week!


Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Today I am participating in Tackle it Tuesday because I have a lot of stuff to get done, today is my ‘last’ free day. I will strike through the things I get done, if I do not finish my to-do list, it is still okay, there is always tomorrow.

1. Take the kids to daycare (BTW, Henry did well on Monday, they marked his disposition as Happy.)
2. Go to the gym, I am getting ready for a run this weekend and I so badly want to improve my time (not gonna happen today…I have a headache)
3. Find my uniform for Wednesday…yeah, the last time I wore my full uniform was August 07, I think. I got so big so fast, my uniform could not fit me. I am hoping it fits me.
4. Run an errand to Signal Mountain, I hope I do not miss the exit, I have missed it twice
5. Go to the the grocery store
6. Finish baking the breakfast rolls, I ran out of time on Monday and only baked half the dough and put the rest in the fridge.
7. Skype my friends in Kenya before it gets too late for them. (7 hours difference)

Yippe, I am done with my to do list, now let me go and cook dinner!!  I promise I will go to the gym tomorrow.
BTW: I did go to the gym…

sob! sob!

We just took Henry to his first day at daycare (sob !sob!), it was really hard, (why do I do this to myself?)I even forgot his diapers at home.  He seemed to be very happy and was all smiles at the teacher, he even slept for 10 hours straight last night.  Rehema on the other hand was very concerned that we were leaving her brother with someone else.  It does help that the same woman who took care of Rehema three years ago, is the same one who is taking care of Henry, yep, we like her, she has been working there for 25 years!!! well, have a happy week!

Fun Monday

Sauntering Soul is the host this week and she said: I know we all try to be sweet and kind to people the majority of the time. But let’s face it….we also know that sometimes we can be a big jerk. It could be that you experience road rage from time to time. Perhaps you empty the coffee pot at work some mornings and don’t feel like taking the time to start a new pot for the next person. Or maybe you don’t return phone calls on a timely basis when you know someone needs a response from you. Have you ever “accidentally” ruined a favorite shirt of your spouse just because you didn’t care for it? Come on – it’s confession time! List the small things you do that make you a jerk and elaborate just a bit on each one. Please tell me I’m not the only jerk around here!

FunmondaylogoI guess it is confession time, one thing that I always did in the job I had before my current one,  we used this huge very old copier/printer that always broke down.  Almost each time that it broke down while I was using it, (it broke down at least once a week while I was using it) it broke down basically everyday…I would just walk away and not tell anyone (sorry workmates).  I know, I am so horrible. but guess what happened after that, I got this new job that I am in charge of two very old copiers/printer which break down almost everyday and I have to fix them and call the person who can fix them (meanwhile I get all these e-mails telling me they have broken down.  yep, they say ‘malipo ni hapa duniani’ (your reward is here on earth)

The second horrible thing I do is that, if you keep on sending forwards to my mailbox and I know you, I will not tell you to stop (that is the part that makes me a jerk), I will just hit spam on the next forward from you, remove your e-mail address from my address list, and all your e-mails to me will bounce, yeah, now you know why your e-mails to me are always bouncing.

The Gym:  The gym I go to has this indoor track and every day there is an arrow pointing to the direction that people should  run or walk.   I say again, the arrow has been placed so clearly and it  shows them which direction they should run/walk as soon as they walk into the track, you cannot miss it. But some people just decide that they will walk/run the opposite direction.  Why? this drives me nuts and I will not start saying the things that at times go through my head that I could do so that they realize they should be walking the right direction.  To make matters worse, these people are usually walking in twos and the opposite direction.  At times I just feel like running into them…

Have a jerk-free week


Why do some motorists not turn left when the traffic lights are green and there is no incoming car?
Why do some motorists not turn right when there is no car coming and there is no sign saying you cannot turn right on red?
Why do some motorists not use their turn lights?
Why does your potty trained toddler tell you that she needs to go to the potty when you have buckled all of them in the car and are ready to go, and you asked her 10 times before you left the house if she needed to go?
Why do apparel stores sell 2 piece bathing suits separately, like someone only needs one piece? (I do not buy 2 piece bathing suits but I always wonder)
Why did Erik give away his immunity necklace to Natalie in Survivor?
Why did Jason mouth to people not to vote for him, would have loved to see the drama in American Idol.
I was just wondering…