Quirky Fun Monday

This week’s Fun Monday is being hosted by the lovely Lisa Marie.  Here is her topic: “A quirk is defined as a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism. We are all unique individuals, having quirks that help make us who we are. I would like to know what your quirks are. Confess to one, … More Quirky Fun Monday


Rehema ended up being sick and so we did not go where we were supposed to go.  She came home friday and she told me she had a headache.  I told her to lie down.  Then she woke up about an hour later and said she was fine.  later at night, she threw up her dinner.  … More Sick

Fitness on Friday

I cannot believe it’s already Friday. Next week, my baby will be 5 months old!! Wow! I have not weighed myself yet since I write these posts the night before. This week was basically the same as last, walked everyday, went to the gym twice and did some exercises at home. So Thursday Idecided I need … More Fitness on Friday

Pantry Update

I am still using the stuff from my pantry, the only food stuff that I have bought are milk, fruit and yogurt. I have been surprised at the meals that I have been coming up with and usually the testing comes when the child eats it. If my child eats it, then it is good. … More Pantry Update


I cannot tell why toddlers LOVE stickers…and Rehema is no exception.  the last two weeks Rehema decided that she is no longer interested in using the potty, I must say I was very frustrated.  She has been potty trained for a while now.  So, while I was at the doctor’s, I asked him what to … More Stickers