My days of staying at home are over. I loved staying at home with Henry, and I did not have to wake up early to go somewhere.   I got to learn to do so many things while I was at home.  I already miss being at home, I tried to fight the idea of going back to work, but, for now, I need to.  Yesterday was my first day back to work, I had to wake up early to be there on time. I did not go to my regular work but I went to my unit. We started off the day with a 2.5 miles run, I loved it, gave me energy for the day. Since my unit is being deactivated, we had plenty to do to make that happen. I am going to miss my unit mates. Unlike many people, this is the only unit I have been for the past 5+ years and these people have become my good friends.  Today is the physical fitness test, I hope I do well.  It is probably going to be my last test so I want to do well so badly.   Have a good Tuesday.


One thought on “End

  1. Every day is a new adventure! Look to it with gusto and enthusiasm! I remember going back to work when my baby was four months old, it was hard, oh how I missed her! She is all grown up now! LOL I ended up leaving work to be a stay at home mum after the next one came along! My work hours were far too long to cope with two babies! I hope it works out well for you! As long as you are happy thats what counts!


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