home #2

My NaBloPoMo home posts continue…My parents applied to the city council and we moved to a bigger home. It was not that big but it was a welcome change. This home was near a railway track, and the trains that used these tracks were goods trains and they usually were carrying cows. When a train passed, all the neighborhood kids would get all excited and wave at the cows đŸ™‚ This home was also near a wide pedestrian road and this guy who was tending his many sheep and goats would pass their every evening. He definately passed in the morning but we were in school already. They were about 50 or so goats and sheep and when he passed with his animals, we would try and ride the sheep because someone told us that sheep were foolish and a goat would probably hurt you with its horns. Those were really fun times and it was really fun to be a kid…


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