Funmondaylogo This week’s Fun Monday is hosted by Jan of the prytzfamily.  The subject is walls. She said, We all have walls of some sort. What I want to hear about and see, if you’re going to show off your amazing photo skills, is what is on your walls, what color are your walls, what is special about them, what is your favorite or least favorite, is it inside or outside. 
So, I took the camera and went taking pictures of walls in our house.
This batik is in the sitting room and I like to look at it, you can write a book about what it happening in this batik.
 The next one is of two baskets and a plaque. This wall is in our dining area. The baskets were given to me by my grandma at our wedding. These baskets serve as trays back at the village. They can also be used to put out food in the sun, mostly grains. They can be used to serve food like bananas, or mangoes or carry food stuff from the market on their head like that one woman is doing in the batik. As a girl, you are supposed to master the art of carrying water on your head, a baby on your back and something else with your ‘free’ hand. I have mastered carrying the baby and only the baby. Once my grandma came to visit us and she was carrying 2 things on her head, a chicken on one hand and a bag in the other and she was balancing all these things. I am not 100% sure but I think my grandma made these baskets.

The next one is of two masks, they are also in the dining area, my husband loves masks.

This last one is my basic training picture, just before we graduated! I have it there because I do not want to forget my classmates, and I also do not want to forget what we went through. I took the picture that way to protect the identity of the innocent. This picture is in the wall of the study/office room.

Please visit Jan and see what people have on their walls…enjoy


15 thoughts on “Walls

  1. I particularly love the batik and the baskets, I imagine it would be very good for the posture to learn to balance on your head. I was hopeless when we had to balance a book on our head during a gym lesson when I was a child~ so I’m laughing at the thought of trying to balance water. I think I might have got pretty wet!


  2. I love the batik, you’re right, it is full of stories, and the baskets are gorgeous. I love that yo have your friends there too. Some stuff is too important to forget.


  3. I really like the batik. And I too had basic training and understand the significance of the photo. I went with baskets a few years back. Thank you for sharing your walls this Monda.


  4. I’m glad that you have these mementos of your family and culture. Very interesting. Why don’t you tell us more about ANY of them–make for some really great posts.


  5. I do not have a story for the batik Pamela, I meant that by just looking at it, one could tell a story. so much is happening in that little batik.
    Grandma passed away 6 years ago, I miss her!!


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