Raid your pantry!!

They say that our pantries have enough food to last us awhile and yet we keep on adding and adding before finishing or using what we already have. For the rest of the month I have decided to raid my pantry and fridge and start using what is in there to make meals instead of buying new ingredients to make more fancier meals. I think I am going to have to be more creative with meals. I believe it will save us some money because what ends up happening is we throw away stuff because they have stayed too long or it is past their expiry date.


10 thoughts on “Raid your pantry!!

  1. starrynight says:

    You make a good point. I come from a family where food wastage is seriously frowned upon, and I think a good number of North Americans throw food away too easily. It’s not about those “starving children in other countries”, no we shouldn’t avoid wasting food out of guilt, but rather, we should try to cut back on wanton consumption. You are right when you say that people buy endlessly. The thing is, REAL cooks, the ones who use their kitchens constantly and not just as an addition to their showhomes, yes REAL COOKS know what’s in their pantry. And by being in tune with their stock, much less goes to waste.


  2. Debi says:

    Or you can have raid your pantry parties and get the neighbors in on it too. You can raid each other’s pantries. Pantry raids!


  3. We buy our meat in bulk and it’s stored in a deep freeze in the garage. For some reason, my meals are always better when we’re at the end and I’m having to be creative with what’s left. I love your idea, and wish I did it more often with my pantry, which has many things that have been there for a while.


  4. I’m afraid our pantry is so bare you would have to live off ramen noodle, flour, brown sugar and some tea bags. We just don’t eat home much so we keep things fairly empty.

    Now my parents, could live for at least a month of the food they keep around and they have had to before.


  5. Sounds like me describing my pantry and freezer. I just told my husband the other day that I need to stotp buying foods just because they are on sale when I already have so much food on hand.

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.


  6. my freezer is full of breast milk for Henry (lucky boy!) I have a feeling i might have to discard some at this rate and that makes me feel bad. I am doing well so far using what we have, it is not much but I am trying not to go to the grocery store for two weeks, unless I need some milk or eggs or some perishable item


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