It’s Wednesday and I am joining Lorie from “Honey, I shrank Myself” and today’s post is the fruit edition. I am going to post a very simple simple fruit recipe, I cannot even call it a recipe. It is slices of apples and yogurt dip…yummy, yummy, yummy, even the kids love it. I like Danon, Light & Fit yogurt. Enjoy!

Please check out some fruity recipes at Lorie’s.

7 thoughts on “WWWEW! It’s fruity!

  1. I love easy and this is a fantastic idea! My kids love apples and yogurt! Just never thought to put them together! Thanks for the great idea!


  2. Is it weird that I have never thought of using yogurt for a dip? Even though I eat fruit-flavored yogurt (Dannon light & fit is my favorite, too), and often add fresh fruit to my yogurt, and put both together in smoothies all the time?

    But this is a great idea! I love having something to dip apple slices in, and usually just go with a small amount of reduced-fat peanut butter, but this is much better!


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