Fitness on Friday

I cannot believe it’s already Friday. Next week, my baby will be 5 months old!! Wow! I have not weighed myself yet since I write these posts the night before. This week was basically the same as last, walked everyday, went to the gym twice and did some exercises at home. So Thursday Idecided I need to change some things around and add more serious strength training to my life.  I came home from work in a hurry, changed, and was driving like a maniac so as to be there when it starts. The group class is held in one of the city recreational facilities and they charge $1 per class.    I reached on time and then guess what?  they had cancelled classes until after July 4th.  I was so disappointed.  This week I tried to keep a food diary and it is amazing how the diary makes a difference in your eating habits. You realize just how much you eat that you probably do not need to eat, I bet if you had to show someone your food diary, you would probably eat right. I plan on going on a 5K run tomorrow, hope I am able to fit it in somewhere. It’s Friday…yippee!!! and tomorrow I get to take Rehema to her most favorite place and it will be just the two of us, I bet she will love that.   Please check out the other Fitness of Friday participants here.  Have a great weekend!!

6 thoughts on “Fitness on Friday

  1. Sorry to hear that your class was cancelled. It is disappointing. It happened to me last month. I was psyched and ready to give the workout all my energy…and it was cancelled. It sounds like you are staying on top of your workouts. Great job!


  2. Oh I would be so upset about the canceled class! I wish I could take a class of some sort. I am sure it would help motivate me not to miss a workout if I had an appointment like that. 🙂


  3. I did not go for the 5K, my baby girl has been sick since Friday, she has been in bed for two days in a row and so I have basically stayed at home with her


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