Since Publix came into town, I have only gone there once.  Partly because it is situated far from where I live and also because I think their prices are a little higher than you know where…I usually scan through their weekly sale flyers just to see what they have on sale.  I also visit their website, and while I was there a few weeks ago, I registered for their baby club.  I received coupons in the mail last week and I must say I was pleased with them. I made a trip out there to redeem my many coupons.  The coupons included $5 dollars off diapers, some buy one get one free and a few were for free stuff for both mom and baby.  Since I have some manufacturers coupons too, for some it was double savings :-). I ended up saving over $40 bucks.  The baby club ends at 2 years and then they have the preschool club.  If you have a baby and publix is in your vicinity, please go check it out. 
Happy 5 months to my baby boy!! Henry Luke


2 thoughts on “Publix

  1. Jim says:

    Publix is a great store! Sure, their prices may be a little higher than Wally world, but they are really about customer service, great seafood and meats, and as you found out, baby and preschool clubs.

    It’s a little more, but they sure are worth it! Did you get the baby club book yet? It’s amazing how much they give you!


  2. I totally agree that it is clean, the customer service is superior, the fruits and veggies are fresh and generally it has a nice feel, the bagger genuinely wants to carry for you, your stuff to your car and you enjoy shopping there. it is kinda too far for me to drive though but I sure did love those coupons. If they keep on sending them, I will definately use them


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