With milk prices getting so high, I buy milk at Sam’s just because they have the cheapest milk, though I know they have issues with the container. I have mastered how to use that container though, so my milk rarely spills. I just bought a gallon a few days ago with an ‘expiry’ date of July 19th and today morning that milk was spoiled…it had become ‘maziwa lala’ (milk that has slept) I was not a happy camper, I like my tea/coffee with real milk. I wonder if they can replace my gallon of milk…plus my gas to go get a new one.

5 thoughts on “Got milk?

  1. I must have had such an experience as a child because I don’t like real milk at all! I take skim milk in my coffee thats about it. Milk makes me feel sick.


  2. That’s terrible! I would take it back to them and ask for a new gallon. I bet they’ll exchange it. now, your gas money is another question…probably not. There is nothing grosser than when your milk falls asleep!


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