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Careers- Then and Now

THEN: As a child day dreaming of what your future would hold for you, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you ever pursue or achieve it?

This is an interesting topic! When I was growing up. my dad asked me the million dollars shillings question.   “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  and like I have been waiting for this question all my life,  I answered that I wanted to be just like my mommy.  My dad’s heart sank.   All his dreams of me being a doctor or a lawyer (those were my only two options)  were shattered instantly.   It did not help that I hated Biology.  My mom was an Administrative Secretary and she seemed to love her job very much.  She talked about it all evening.  I think she was making a lot of money too and I wanted to be just like her, type 70 words a minute, (She was close to that) learn shorthand and dictation, make a lot of money and be happy.  So, I went to college, after 2 other jobs, I got a cushy job which had manager at the end (which made my Dad happy) worked for 5 years at that job and then moved to the US. and guess what I do now?  you guessed right, my dream which I stopped pursuing came true, but I do not type 70 words a minute (but I am close) I do not know shorthand,  I do not make a lot of money, but I am happy for the most part.  So, though I did not pursue it, I achieved it.  NOW: If you could be trained and placed in any career beginning tomorrow, what would it be? Personal Fitness Trainer or something similar (watch out for my exercise video)   For the record: I asked my 3 year old what she wanted to be when she grows up and she said, she wanted to be just like her doctor…I am hanging on that because dreams do come true.  Please visit Irishcoffeehouse for more dream careers.  

14 thoughts on “Careers

  1. Shorthand? Oh my goodness…I used to be good with that. I don’t even think I can remember it now. And I always wanted to be a MOM. Still do.

    Stop by mine, it’s not much, but it IS me. Hope to see you there.


  2. Looks like your dad might get his doctor in the family after all! Mostly, I think it’s just important to make enough money to pay your bills and be happy in what you do! And it sounds like you’ve got that nailed.


  3. You did mention the important part, “you are happy.” Unfortunately, not everyone can say that about their career choice. If you do make an exercise video, you can sell it online and make millions.


  4. Happiness with a career really does take top priority. And isn’t it funny how the daddy’s seem to be the ones with big plans for the children? I’m seeing a pattern here!

    Hey, you know there could be good things associated with exercise instructors! How great to have health such a top priority!


  5. Lovely fun monday post, glad you found happiness with your career, even when it didn’t appear when you expected it.
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. I just noticed that my other co-blog popped up instead of my Fun Monday blog. Geez, I don’t blog for a week and WordPress gives new options!


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