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Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Lisa. Here is the assignment, fun fun assignment.

What is one thing you would like to ask your readers? Come up with a question to pose to your visitors and throw it out there on Monday. As we’re all visiting each other’s Fun Monday posts we should answer the various questions we come across.
Show&Tell me about a bird, I’m easily made happy.

I will make my question super super easy…since I love food, please tell me in this order.   ( I have my answers after the questions)

1. Favorite food

My favorite food is Farmers Choice sausages, this are beef or pork sausages that are found in Kenya, they are soooo good (please someone hook me up?  I will pay anything for them), when I went home after 3 years, guess what I ate first, sausages, and I paid a pretty penny for them.

2. Favorite place to eat and why

I know this is going to surprise many, but my favorite place to eat is Cracker Barrel, and the reason why, is that we eat at Cracker Barrel anytime we travel and I usually have good memories when we travel so Cracker Barrel becomes the winner by association.  But I like many restaurants though.

3. Worst Place to eat.

Sorry, Waffle house fans, but I just do not like Waffle house, I went in there one day for breakfast and decided from that day forward, I will never go back.  It just did not go well with me.

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19 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. I dont really have a favourite food but do love most vegies. I guess vegetarian pasta would have to be my favourite.

    My favourite place to eat is probably at home as I can eat what I want. Although I enjoy dining out in restaurants if the service and food is good.

    My least favourite food is McDonalds or KFC yuk yuk yuk (of course my kids love it)


  2. I LOVE food…but the food, sadly, loves me too…it seems to settle on my body and it turns to fat. But I still have to say that pizza is my favorite food. The best place to eat out would be Cracker Barrel [for the green beans, cream gravy and mashed potatoes] –and Jason’s Deli…they have the BEST Sgt. Pepper sandwich ever!

    Worst place to eat would be ‘my son’s apartment’…all he has is Ramen Noodles. LOL

    My FM question is posted.


  3. favorite food is hard. i always look forward to grilled meats though, so maybe that? favorite place to eat is at my mom’s house. we cook the same stuff but hers always tastes better and the worst place to eat is fast food. ick.


  4. I have so many favorite foods, but I would have to say fruit. My favorite place to eat is home because I know what goes into the food. My least favorite place to eat is buffets – too much junk in the food. Good questions!


  5. Must be hard when your fav food is in Kenya.
    My fav food is probably spaghetti unless you count milk as a food.
    Favorite places to eat tend to be good diners with waitresses named Bev.
    Least favorite is anywhere someone bumps into my chair, no matter how good everything else is.


  6. favorite food:
    Bread. I love all types of bread. Not the kind of bread that comes in a plastic bag on the shelf at the grocery, but bakery or homemade breads.
    Favorite Place to Eat:
    There was a restaurant in Essex, Ct. that was in a lighthouse and it had the most wonderful food and the most beautiful view.
    Least Favorite Place to Eat:
    Taco Bell, definitely.


  7. I love Indian food. I love the spices, the rice, the veg. i love how it looks and smells. I love eating it at The Chand in my hometown. The staff are friendly, the food good and the atmosphere is great. I don’t like eating it from a bad take away. I really fancy a biryani now. 😀


  8. I love steam rice and eat just on it’s own. Nigel & I have our farvourite chinese resturant it’s only small but friendly, clean and the food is delicious. Do not like eating in fast food places.


  9. My favorite is fettuchini alfredo (you didn’t say the one you could eat all the time, just your favorite). If that’s one of my choices, it always wins.

    My favorite restaurant is the 19th Hole – the restaurant/bar at the golf course across the street. They have the best cheeseburgers too.

    My least favorite place to eat is Burger King. One upon a time it was my favorite fast food place but they have totally RUINED their french fries.


  10. My favorite food is ‘sushi’ … a favorite place to eat is at Duke’s … and the WORST place to eat (in my humble opinion) is Denny’s (though my brother-in-law loves the place).
    Hugs and blessings,


  11. Favorite food–homemade vegetable soup made from home grown vegetables at the end of summer.

    Favorite place–Saffron’s Restaurant in Louisville because the owner/host is so handsome and attentive–and he loves and is proud of his beautiful singer daughter.

    Worst–any “all you can eat” buffet place.


  12. The food thing changes from time to time right now I want fresh Pineapple.

    Favorite place to eat thia place in venice fl, but I but have friends with me

    Not sure on this last one.


  13. My favorite food is ice cream. I don’t know if it really is considered food but I LOVE it. I could eat it all day long.

    My favorite place to eat is this little local Italian restaurant called Da Vinci’s. They have the best menu.

    My least favorite place to eat is McDonald’s. I hate their fries and I always have an upset stomach afterwards.


  14. my favorite food — changes daily.
    I always love blueberries, however. Maybe I should say that.

    Same for favorite place to eat. Some days I like Mexican…some days Thai….etc.

    Worst place.. hmmm…my kitchen table. ha ha


  15. hmmm I love chocolate, and chocolate, and chocolate…my favorite place to eat is anywhere that I didn’t have to prepare the meal and the meal is served to me and I don’t have to clean up…..where I hate to eat is most fast food places…yuck!!


  16. My favorite food is currently tortellini pasta, but it changes a lot. I like comfort food.

    My favorite place to eat also changes, but right now it is Smoke Jack which is a Texas-style barbecue place outside of Atlanta. They serve huge beef ribs that taste as good as my mom’s.

    My least favorite place is my desk. At work, I would rather eat alone in the cafeteria or go out to lunch than eat at my desk like my coworkers.


  17. I am not sure I have a favourite food.

    I like eating at some place here that sells the equivalent of African home-cooked food (Ugali, sukuma, stewed fish) Ask Grace what those are if need be as opposed to fast food and equivalents. And you can order extra vegetables at no extra cost or extra ugali.
    (Yes that happens in Kenya – you get food added free in some places)


  18. What a great question, or um questions. 🙂

    1. Favorite food

    I love Pizza, corn, bread (any kind) and potatoes – not all mixed together and not necessarily in that order.

    2. Favorite place to eat and why

    Oh I love Cracker Barrel too! And El Mezcal. It’s hard to pick a favorite because I like to move to several different ones.

    3. Worst Place to eat.

    Well, around here that would be Denny’s – the one we have here is just horrible!


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