So I went for the 5K yesterday, it was being held in Raccoon Mountain. I have been there once before and we went using a different route so going early in the morning was quite a challenge but I found it alright. It was a low key marathon, the volunteers were very few, we had to use honor system in some places, but in all it was fun running ‘on top’ of the dam, there was a real nice breeze. I have run 3.1 miles faster before in my life, but I was still pleased with my time. I was more pleased when I realised that my time was faster than the number two in the younger age group. From this Raccoon Mountain 5K race, I deduced that, I am not ready to run a 1/2 marathon this year. However, after the race, I was not heaving and panting my lungs out which means I need to take this a higher level, a.k.a 10K. I am going to start training for 10K now, there are quite a number coming up. Have a nice week.

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  1. Good job Grace! I hope to run in the Race for the Cure, which is a 5k. I haven’t run in one before, so we will see how it goes! Like you, I would like to work my way up to longer races. We will see!


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