Today I am taking a break from the recipes and talking about my kids…Rehema moved to the preschool class on Monday, I cannot believe how fast she is growing, soon we will be sending her off to college.  As in next year, we will be going for her graduation, I am already tearing at the thought of it.

Henry went in for his 6 months check up, weighed in at 20 lbs 12oz and he is 28 inches tall.  His fun thing to do is to pull Rehema’s braids and then Rehema is not sure what to do or say after that.  This is going to be so much fun.

6 thoughts on “My kids!

  1. LOL! It’s generally a good thing especially for babies. Do you have that yellow chart that mothers go with to the clinic? I bet Henry’s line is up there above the boys’ line.


  2. He is at the 95 percentile, the doc was telling us the good news is that 5% of the babies his age weigh weigh more than him, I felt so good after that


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