Blogging Spaces


Today’s Labor Day Fun Monday is fun and easy and is hosted by WriterCramps.
She wanted us to post a picture of our blogging room/space. My hubby just changed ours a few weeks ago.

Head over to WriterCramps and see other blogging spaces. Enjoy your Labor Day!


14 thoughts on “Blogging Spaces

  1. Love the new look and colours Grace, much easier on my poor old eyes! LOL! I used to have a bit of trouble with the black background! This is much nicer to read on!

    Nice blogging space too!


  2. yes I like the new look and colors, too.
    I see your scanner — I need a new one.
    The scanner and fax etc. are in my husbands office.
    (at the other end of the house. sometimes we email each other.. bwaa ha ha ha ha ha)


  3. Wow, just plain wow! It looks so official and so organized and well….just plain business-like!

    [I also love the baptism blog below your fun monday too!]

    My Fun Monday Blogging Area is posted now if you’d like to take a gander…..stop by. Have a great day.


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