Getting with the program

Getting with the program…I decided to get with the program and designed a simple running program for myself. Now that I know I can run the 5K, I want to start working on my speed. My next 5K is mid October, but I have a 2 mile run on 4th October, which is a timed run and part of my life (money) depends on passing this run, plus the 42 sit ups and the 13 real push ups.

Mondays – 5k at regular speed (10 minutes per mile)

Wednesdays – Long run – 4 miles at less than regular speed (11-12 minutes per mile)

Fridays – Speed workouts, warm up, 2 minutes at 9 minutes a mile, 1 minute at jogging speed x9 (total 27 minutes), cool down

The other three days are for cross training.

Feel free to give me suggestions if you have any, my goal really is to run 9 minutes mile by the next 5K. For the 2 mile run, for my age, I have to do it in 21 minutes 42 seconds, which gives me plenty of time (the young guys always make fun of us that they can walk and still make it in that time), but I really really would love to run it in 18 minutes or less.