Ever since I went back to work from my four months maternity leave, I have been wanting to quit and stay at home with Henry, but this was going to be a tough decision mostly because I am the one who carries the Health insurance for the family, since Sila is self-employed.  So I went back, I had health insurance premium debts to pay (for the time I was on leave), finished paying that and it was really time to make a decision.  I had found an affordable health insurance through the military for us and was going to quit.  Then one of my workmates suggested to me to request part time status.  I had tried that before with Rehema and it did not work.  So, I put in a request for part time and it was accepted and now I stay at home with Henry on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It sure does make my week go so much faster.  I praise God for this opportunity and I feel like I do have the best of both worlds.


8 thoughts on “Life

  1. Thanks Keri, we really feel blessed and it is an answer to prayer. I love it already and I think Henry loves it too, he is sleeping longer during the day.


  2. Kathy says:

    Hi, your bro Abra is ma buddy, he sent me the link to your blog site, coz I love kids…..oooooh and I must say you have beautiful kids. Henry is quite chubby!
    I am envious of you, that you could actually get time off work and work on part-time basis, wish it was the same here in Kenya I would run for it. I have a son who is 3years and I would love to be spending more time with him.



  3. Kathy, believe it or not, I miss Kenya and I do wish that I was having my babies there at home, at least I could afford to hire househelp to stay with them at home when they are still babies that keeping them in a daycare because having a nanny here is too expensive. Lakini, usijali, as long as you are doing what is best for your and your family, Mungu atawabariki tuu. Thanks for your kind words and thanks for visiting my blog.
    Laini, we must have a playdate soonest, now that you do not live too far from us 🙂 Hope you are loving it.
    Thanks Jenn and Karisma…
    Abraham, you sound like someone who is related to both of us 🙂 erokamano


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