I was supposed to post this yesterday…This survey people sent me this nameless detergent and then after 6 weeks of using it, I am supposed to fill in a questionnaire.  It really smells good and I am glad that I could save a few dollars on detergent.  Last time they sent me Tide.  As I was doing the laundry, I was thinking that at one time in my other life, I would wash my clothes by hand.  Every Saturday morning, I would fill up pails with water (If there was water) and using Omo and Sunlight, would scrub those clothes the whole morning.  Then I would hang them on the lines to dry and it felt so good in the evening when everything was dry, folded, ironed (maybe) and put away.  Then I had enough of that…so I upgraded, no, I did not buy a washer .  I decided to give someone a job.  there were these women who would sit outside at this place on saturday mornings, complete with water, and for a dollar, they would wash 2 people’s weekly laundry load.   (I wonder how much they charge now?) sounded too good to be true, but I did not want to have different women washing our clothes every saturday and rumor had it that some piece of clothing could disappear each week.  We decided to employ someone to come to our house every week and wash the weekly load, and for a little more, she would clean the house too and at times cook Chapatis.  Life was good then, then one day, she informed us that she was going to have a baby and so she was not able to work for us again.  Actually, we had noticed, but in our culture, you do not mention such things until the person tells you.  she did bring a replacement, it didn’t just work. I was back, to spending my whole saturday morning washing and scrubbing clothes.  Despite washing clothes by hand for more than 2 decades, the house chore I dislike the most is ironing!!!  I guess I never got enough practice.

Fast Forward…we came to the US, got a washer, all I had to do was ‘throw’ the clothes into the washer, and that has become a task, how lazy I have become. and then, we got a dryer too, I do not have to wait the whole day for my clothes to dry, I do not have to worry about someone stealing my clothes from the lines outside, for some reason, the dryer seems to take too long 🙂


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  1. Very insightful, Grace. Thanks for posting this. It’s funny. Here in Spain, we have an American dryer, but it uses so much electricity that it can’t run a whole load without the circuit tripping and the electricity going out so I rarely use it. In fact, I used it the other day because it was raining, but I so prefer the job of hanging my laundry outside to dry. I just feel so domestic. That has limits though – I just said to David yesterday that if my washer broke, I would really be in trouble. I do love laundry, but I can’t imagine hand-washing everything. I suspect that if Americans had to do that, we would have far fewer clothes and would wear them more times than just once. 🙂


  2. yep, we had fewer clothes but the tricky part was that, it is very dusty over there and so our clothes got dirty because of the dust, and during the rainy season, mud was a problem especially with kids clothes because they always played or fell in the mud. Here is the other part, my two younger siblings owe me, I had to wash their diapers (which were cloth diapers) every single day and when it rained, we had to hang them in the house to dry!!


  3. Yep lifes hard in the Western World hey? I have to admit the laundry drives me nuts but I am doing it for nine people everyday, not weekly! I do not use the dryer unless its raining as our electricity bills are so high! The worst offenders in my house for making extra laundry are the oldest two kids, (I think they get changed several times a day and throw their clothes on the floor. While they pick them up themselves they don’t wash them or if they do they don’t fill the machine and then they put them in the dryer!) Its a vicious circle.

    As for ironing, I gave that up a couple of years ago as it was taking up too much of my time. If they want something ironed they have to do it themselves. I only iron my own clothes if they need it and if Im about to wear it. Same for my husband and the smaller kids.


  4. I can’t imagine washing my clothes by hand. Even my clothes that say “hand wash only” are washed on the delicate cycle of my washing machine. What’s crazy is that some communities have laws or ordinances against laundry lines for drying clothes because they look “bad.” Ridiculous! I have been asking for a laundry line for sometime from my husband but haven’t gotten it yet. Until then it’s the dryer and the drying rack for our clothes.


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