Cheese Muffins – WWWEW

These Cheese Muffins are to die for, no wonder Fig won this recipe contest.   I think if you added a  parsley flakes and maybe garlic (maybe)  they will taste like those Red Lobster biscuits.  They are sooooo good, but I went easy on the cheese.  They are especially good when you eat them hot.

Tackle It Tuesday

Today was my off day, but I went to work for half a day to help out my boss with some important stuff. Something got into my head and I volunteered to help out with a class on Thursday, I am still not sure what I was thinking, so I now have to study for … More Tackle It Tuesday

Doc’s Appt

Henry had to go to daycare today because I had the opthamologist appointment. The kids were having their pictures made at daycare so he would have gone anyway…I have never been in a doctor’s appointment for that long, a cool 240 minutes, 210 of it was just waiting and waiting and the other 20 were, … More Doc’s Appt


  This weeks Fun Monday is hosted by ipost and she wanted us to doodle. I have to say this was a hard one for me…I like to know what I am doing and where I am going, I do not think I can do it subconsciously…so, I just doodled. Here is the analysis: Portraits: … More Doodling

Chinese Chicken Bake

I got this recipe from the box of Rice Krispies! though I think it was a store brand Rice Krispies, it is really yummy, we liked it. 2 TBL butter, melted 1/4 tsp Onion powder 2.5 cups crisp rice cereal 1 can (8oz) crushed pineapple (drained thoroughly) 2 cups chopped cooked chicken 1 can reduced … More Chinese Chicken Bake