All that waking up in the morning, running three times a week, and changing strategy to add speed workouts and doing long runs on real ground, did pay off.  I passed my PT test.  I cut my run time and ran the 2 miles in 17 minutes 55 seconds.  That might not be good time for some, but for me, it was great, I still had 3 minutes and 45 seconds to play around with.  It seems like I will still be around for the next PT test in April next year and so I am now working on maxing my time and running in 15 minutes.  it would be so great to leave with a PT badge.  I also passed my sit ups and push ups.  After I passed the test, I was wondering if I would make the tape.  If you do not pass the height and weight, they tape you to measure your body fat and I was surprised when she told me that I had made weight and did not have to get taped.  It means I lost the few extra pounds I had.  It works people, and all you need is three days a week of cardio and strength training and walking on the other days helps. I was terribly excited yesterday.


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