Word Challenge

This weeks Fun Monday is hosted by Mommy Wizdom and it is a real word challenge.

Thank you so much to all those who submitted words and themes.  They were all wonderful.  I’m so glad I left the decision to the fates and didn’t have to choose any myself.  Otherwise, I’d still be belaboring it.

Because there were so many submissions, I’ve decided to choose three themes, ten main words, and five wild card words.
So, this is the assignment:

Themes to choose from:

A visit by your mother in law

Bedtime Stories

Raising a Teenager

The words:  Ostrich, goosebumps, magazines, soup, cats, lethargic, noodles, tequila, doorknob, biscuit

Wild card words:  prehistoric, Jedi Knight, cactus, periscope, humor

Your job is to write a story (true or made-up), poem, song, letter… whatever strikes you ABOUT one of the three themes.  You must INCLUDE all 10 words.  Wild cards words may be used in addition to or in place of the main 10 words.

A visit by your mother in law
My mothers- in- law  were visiting for the first time.  I was so nervous I had goosebumps as huge as ostrich eggs.  The recipes from the fancy cooking magazines were backfiring big time. All I had in the pantry were noodles and canned soup.  Who serves that stuff to their honored guests?  A chicken must die.  The cat had helped herself to some stale biscuit leftover and she was getting lethargic.  The doorknob turned, and I knew I needed some tequila. Problem is, I do not drink any, surely, there must be some humor in all this?

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13 thoughts on “Word Challenge

  1. Perhaps if you served both MILs tequila, they wouldn’t notice that you’re feeding them noodles and canned soup – or if you gave them enough tequila, catfood! (Joking!!!) Your story reflected the panic I feel when my own MIL comes!


  2. Superlative job. You really should join the weekly Saturday wordzzle challenge at Raven’s Nest. This exactly how it’s meant to be done. Concise but meaningful.


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