Sam’s Samplers

One of the experiences (among many others) that gave me culture shock when I moved to the US was free food at Sam’s Club. I could not believe that one could almost have lunch at Sam’s club by just walking around and tasting the samples, from Chicken to dessert.  I wondered how these people make their monies plus pay the person serving you the samples. So, friday, I realized that this kind of marketing actually works.  I went in to buy Diapers and Trash can bags and ended up with one of those Take N Bake 16 inch pizzas.  I tasted a sample and just found myself buying one, not sure how that happened.  Has that ever happened to you?  I must say, it was very tasty.


2 thoughts on “Sam’s Samplers

  1. There’s a Sam’s not far from my office, and a membership is one of my job perks. On days when I have no other plans I’ll head over there and see what’s for lunch. There’s always an interesting variety being sampled and yes, I have bought items after tasting them. Enjoy!


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