Fun Monday – High Moments

This weeks Fun Monday is hosted by Mariposa’s Tales.
Congratulations Mariposa, you have kept us entertained and I am happy to have read some of your tales.

Mariposa’s Tales will turn 3 years on Sunday, Nov. 23 and to host Fun Monday the day after gives me such a high feeling…

Yes, I feel high…and that is what next week’s Fun Monday will be…

High moments…in our lives!

If you could share to us 3-5 high moments in your lives…this could be funny moments…the you can’t believe you did it moments…the “I told you so” moments…or the times we asked the ground to go open and eat us moments! You need not write a book to explain them, the highlights will do.
Like everyone else, I have had high and low moments, but I will just talk about the high moments.

Graduating from undergraduate and Graduate school were pretty high moments.

I am trying to upload a short video, check during next Fun Monday, I will probably have it
The birth of Rehema..that was a scary high loooooooong moment
The birth of Henry

I bet you guys think it is the same baby!!

No matter what you think of the President-elect, Obama being pronouced the 44th President was an interesting moment too!

12 thoughts on “Fun Monday – High Moments

  1. My kids looked alike to other people, too. And now that I’m much older and they are all grown, I sometimes look at their baby photos and have to think “Now which one is this?”


  2. I love the baby photos…how simply adorable!!! Yes, yes!!! Proud moments that made you high in life for sure.

    And…….Obama!!! Love the man. I voted for him. Of course just about everyone that ever visited my blog from February to the election knew that. LOL

    Great post.

    My Monday post is published. Stop by if you can, I’d love to have you join me today. But, you’ll need to scroll down below the Ranch Hand Breakfast photos to get to my High Moments!! Happy day to you.


  3. Holding my baby in my arms for the first time was probably the absolute highest point in my life. YOU got to do it twice!!!

    And I agree with you about Obama – I feel so much more hopeful for our country now.


  4. Yeah, I thought they’re the same babies…cute angels they are!

    I can understand about graduating from college…I still have to finish my graduate studies… 🙂

    Thanks for playing…love your high moments! Many share your joys with your new president… 😉

    Happy Fun Monday!


  5. A lot of us are sharing similar moments this week!

    I love your cute baby photos. My daughters looked very alike for a long time, it was quite uncanny!


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