Day 31

I cannot believe I made it, I posted everyday for 31 days…it was hard and I hope I can do it in January too. Guess what I will be doing on the eve of my birthday? Running…yep,  I will be running 4 miles for a cause I believe in, St Jude Children’s Research hospital.  Happy New Year everybody!

Fun Monday

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Sayresmiles and here is her assignment.

What was the most touching, wonderful part of Christmas for you this year?
I think little kids make Christmas more fun, Rehema woke up so early and she could not wait to open her gifts. She dressed up in record time. She was so so excited. Henry of course had no idea what was happening but he seemed happy with his gift.
We got her one of those kid’s cameras among other things, she took pictures the whole day until the batteries were dead.
It was really nice to spend a quiet Christmas with my husband and kids.
What was the craziest, stupidest, funniest part this year? This year, I decided that I am not going to cook any. Our CEO gave every employee (the 4000 of us) a gift card to many of the local restaurants downtown so we decided after Church to go eat in one of the restaurants. We got there and voila, all the restaurants downtown were closed. I am not sure why I thought at least one of them would be open (surely, even Walmart was closed). So, we drove around looking for a restaurant and finally we found this Chinese restaurant open and had a good meal.
Head over to Sayre Smiles and read other Christmas stories. I hope you had a really good Christmas.

Day 28 – W

Water is life!! We are so glad that we have plenty of it. I still remember clearly the water problems that we had in Nairobi. It would trickle in at night and we had to collect it and store it in huge containers. My real fight with water in Nairobi came after I got so sick from drinking water straight from the tap. I used to say that getting sick from tap water was all in the mind until I got Typhoid. Typhoid is like having Malariax2. Well, I am glad that water or lack of it thereof is not one my problems right now.

Day 27 – Ferberizing

Last night I decide to try and Ferberize my baby, in summary, to train my baby boy to have good sleeping habits. When he was younger, he would sleep 6 to 7 hours straight but now he has started waking up every 3 to 4 hours and it is not that he wants to eat, he just wants some TLC. Last night was my first attempt to ferberize him and let him cry it out. I did not know that my baby could cry so loud…so much for ferberizing. Since I value my sleep so much, I had to pick him up.

End of year

I had to go to work today, the office was soo quiet since most people were off.  Today was also my last day as a part time employee.  I have really enjoyed, but all good things have to come to an end.    I am looking forward to 2009, I believe there are many new things in store for us, for starters, yet another birthday for me on the 1st.  Have a happy New year and yes, my end of year letter is soon going to be in your mailbox.
Henry finally got a hair cut!