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Today’s Fun Monday is hosted my Mamalang. Here is her topic.

So here’s your topic…

It’s the Christmas season, and I want you to tell us what are your three favorite Christmas Carols and a picture of your favorite Christmas “thing”. It could be a Christmas tree, or your mantle, or a church, you in a Santa hat.

My Three favorite Christmas Carols are:
1. O Holy Night
2. Silent Night
3. Away in a Manger.

My favorite thing to do was to take Rehema to meet Santa at the unit’s Christmas party, she would get a Christmas present from him and she would cry every year she met Santa. I was looking forward to taking her and Henry to meet Santa at my new Unit, unfortunately, this unit does not have many small kids so they don’t do Santa. They do grown up parties…buuuuuuu(how do you spell that?)…I was so disappointed. Maybe I will just take them to Walmart. I think my new favorite thing will be putting up the Christmas tree, she has been asking and asking every waking minute.
Here is her first Christmas at the Unit.
I hope everyone is having a good Christmas season. Head over to Mamalang and see what other favorite carols and things are.


11 thoughts on “Fun Monday

  1. Oh Holy nite brings tears to my eyes when I sing it. Can’t believe they had No Santa at your Christmas party, what a disapointment to the kids. Great photo of the two of you.


  2. I’m so sorry your new unit doesn’t do Santa. Our Wal-Marts don’t do Santas but the malls do. Too bad you don’t live around here – I dress up as Santa too!


  3. That’s sad the unit doesn’t have Santa. One unit I know had Santa at the “adult” party as well as at the Children’s Christmas Party that was held. 😦


  4. Those are my favs. too! I like ALL Christmas carols. So hard to choose favorites! That is a cute picture of you and your daughter! My kids are 10 and 12 and they still want to go see Santa!!


  5. First of all, thank you for serving.

    My hubby’s unit always has the big Christmas lunch and Santa comes. I always loved it because my son was terrified of Santa before this year. This year, his unit just arrived in Iraq this past weekend, so our FRG had the same sort of party for the families. It was nice, but a little sad at moments.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!


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